Lucy Queen Bed Pillow Cover Set in Wistful Green

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Luxury throw pillows are a simple yet stunning way to refresh your space. This curated king bed pillow set includes four pillow covers: two 20-inch covers and two 14x24-inch lumbar covers - the perfect arrangement for a queen-sized bed. Pair this accent pillow set with your favorite neutral bedding to effortlessly update your bedroom! We've eliminated the pattern-mixing guesswork for you, and curated two lovely patterns designed to coordinate flawlessly with each other.

The signature pattern in this set is our Woven Together plaid in Wistful Green, which is a fresh take on a classic design. We've chosen our Essential Cotton solid in Wistful Blue as a nice complement. Melissa created these patterns from her paintings, and they are part of our Delight décor collection.

Inspired by dreams and the joyful emotions they invoke, our Delight collection celebrates both the playful and wistful side of possibility. Each pattern in the collection is designed to seamlessly work with each other, making it easy to coordinate your décor.