French Patisserie Stretched Canvas Art Print


We'll always have Paris.

Indeed! Now you can enjoy elegant Parisian ambiance every day with an exquisite stretched canvas print made from artist, Melissa Colson's original paintings. Since she first travelled to Paris, Melissa has had an affinity for the charming patisseries and the art of baking that only the Parisians can inspire! Every time you walk by these luminous pieces your heart will smile as you're transported right into a Parisian street scene.

Each sophisticated setting exudes a unique authenticity and attention to detail. You can almost smell the coffee and freshly baked croissants wafting from the elegant architectural facades. If you can't travel to Paris, the next-best thing is to bring Paris right into your home. Our exclusive stretched canvas prints are perfect for anyone who needs more joy and light in her life. This canvas print may be purchased individually, or save 20% when you purchase the companion print and make it a set!