We believe in designing better home decor to elevate the everyday. To us, living well means so much more than showing off a picture-perfect space on social media... it's all about experiencing joy and beauty in the little things that make our hearts smile. We want to help you create a quality lifestyle for yourself and those you love. Our homes should be lived in and enjoyed each and every day, not just on the special occasions or big moments. This requires us to craft superior products that both look stunning and perform exceptionally year after year. This philosophy is at the core of everything we do.

Our Customer Experience

Melissa designs products with you in mind. She believes that your home is much more than just a place to live...it tells your story. The trouble is, decorating can be intimidating. No one wants to make a mistake, so it's hard to get started. With almost two decades of experience working with clients to create their homes, she understands the stress and common fears associated with making design decisions. We believe that life is lived in the everyday moments, and those moments shouldn't be spent obsessing over too many complicated design decisions.

Melissa researches trends and stays ahead of the design curve, while infusing her collections with timeless elements. So you'll have colors that are easy to integrate with the furniture and decor you already have, and they will continue to work as fashions come and go. Classic motifs are timeless for a reason but a fresh interpretation is what keeps things from looking stale. Melissa believes the best designs skillfully harmonize both.

We specially design our products to work with each other and we offer more pattern options within a collection than is customary. A few key pieces can be styled in countless combinations to keep your décor looking fresh and uniquely you. We've made pattern mixing effortless so whether you're decorating your whole house or updating a single room, it won't take a lot of time or trips to multiple stores to try to find coordinates. We've taken the guesswork out of the process and included suggested products carefully curated by Melissa that pair nicely with each other. Whether you prefer matching pieces or a more eclectic look, we want to give you confidence that your home will reflect your personality well. 

Our Quality

When Melissa was decorating her first home as a young mom and recent design school grad, she wanted to create a lovely environment that her family could relax in. She also wanted to be able to entertain and have a space she could feel good about calling her own. Over the next decade she went through several rounds of home décor purchases and found out the hard way that so many products just weren't worth the investment. There was no point in having fragile, pretty things that were much too easy for kids to damage. While family-friendly pieces were readily available and affordable, they often lacked quality and design aesthetic. Far too often, we're forced to choose between practicality and style. We believe you can have both.

With so many home décor items in the marketplace it can be hard to tell them all apart! It's what's under the surface that determines real value. One of the core principles of design is "form follows function." In other words, in order for products to truly add value to our lives, they must first be well-made. We want to give you products that will both hold up to everyday living and look stunning in the finest setting, not just for a few weeks or months but for years.