Marble Pillow Cover in Ultimate Gray


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Luxury throw pillows are a simple yet stunning way to update your space. Our Marble pillow cover in Ultimate Gray features swirling, organic brush strokes in an enduring gray hue and is part of our Color of the Year décor collection. Inspired by the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, our collection pairs these two colors for a lovely balance of optimism and strength.

Melissa created this pattern using a technique that her daughter, Olivia first showed her! She starts on her iPad, layering multiple shades on top of each other and then drags the pen through the composition, creating a liquified effect. The colors are then refined and re-colored in Adobe Illustrator, producing multiple colorways. The finished result is a gorgeous, hand-dyed look.

Each pattern in the collection is designed to seamlessly match upcoming color trends, making it easy to coordinate your décor. Simply start with a pattern you love, then choose a few coordinates. Our uniquely-designed collection lets you confidently mix and match throw pillows in the hottest, on-trend colors to create the perfect pillow bundle.