Originally posted on October 12, 2015

This week’s Print of the Week, French Patisserie, is part of my newest collection of French bakery-inspired prints.

Since I first travelled to Paris, I've always had an affinity for the charming patisseries and the art of baking that only the Parisians can inspire!

Painted in a loose, informal style with a touch of pen and ink to accentuate the details, the charm and je ne sais quoi of Paris shines through. I used vibrant pops of color to evoke a feeling of light and movement.

French Patisserie along with its companion print, Les Petits Gâteaux may be purchased as an 8×10, 11x14, or 16x20 here. And...we're thrilled to announce that this print is now available as a peel and stick wall mural here

October 12, 2015 — Melissa Colson

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