Pillow Inserts
When it comes to pillow inserts, the choices can be confusing. The truth is they're just as important as the pillow covers, as the right (or wrong!) inserts will make or break your pillow arrangements. Our luxury pillow inserts beautifully complement your decorative throw pillow covers. Available in five sizes and two different fill types, we'll walk you through how to choose.

One of the most common mistakes is choosing an insert that is too small. We recommend going with a size that is two inches larger than your pillow cover. For example, if you choose a 20-inch cover, you would want to select a 22-inch insert. This will provide the right amount of fullness for your pillows to avoid sagging or the "pancake" effect where it flattens out.
woman holding pillow insert
Another absolute must is a high-quality fill. A well-made pillow has a substantial weight and the ability to hold its shape. Each of our inserts is made to order in the USA from premium materials. We offer two different fill types depending on your preferences:
10/90 Down and Feather Fill: The most popular choice is a 10% down/90% feather blend as it provides the ideal fullness and density for decorative throw pillows, without being too soft or too firm. Luxuriously soft and pliable, it holds a nice "v-shaped" chop perfectly while offering comfortable support. The outer cover is made of 100% cotton down-proof fabric.
Alternative Down: Our synthetic down is the closest imitation to the feel and fullness of down using a polyester filling. It is extremely soft and smooth. Perfect for anyone who is allergic to down.
We've made it even easier to select the correctly-sized inserts for your sofa. Our sofa pillow insert set includes all five inserts that you need to perfectly fit our curated sofa pillow cover sets. Each set includes two 22-inch inserts, two 20-inch inserts, and one 16x22-inch lumbar insert. You'll save 25% off the regular price when you purchase a pillow insert set.

Keep the same set of inserts and change out the covers! Our pillow covers have a zippered closure, making them easy to swap out with the seasons, or any time you want to re-fresh your decor.

April 09, 2021 — Melissa Colson

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