“For over eight years, Melissa provided beautiful illustrations for our monthly publication and website. Her work is meticulous, on-time and always impressive. She is very passionate about her art and was dedicated to  meeting our specific needs. She is a great talent and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

— Kristina Mitchell, Art Director, Andrew Harper, LLC, Austin, TX


 “Melissa, you did it! You captured the spirit of our former home with your brush. Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks!

–Jill Johnstone, Doylestown, PA


“I have had the privilege of actually working with Melissa for many years. She helped us at the shop with so many projects. With residential, commercial, and advertising projects, Melissa’s work is always of the highest quality. Above all, I will always be indebted to Melissa for her renderings of my family home in South Carolina and my shop here in Tallahassee. She simply knows how to capture the personality of a building.”

–Ron Rabon, Owner, Decorate It Now, Tallahassee, FL


“When my husband and I purchased our first home together we wanted to have something special to remember the moments of purchasing the house. We asked Melissa to draw our house and create Christmas cards for us to send out to family and friends. Melissa’s work was incredible! Her focus on the tiniest details made the entire picture of our home breathtaking. We received an 8×10 original drawing and still to this day (four years later) I love looking at the picture and remember all the excitement we both had when we purchased our first home together. Thank you, Melissa for not just drawing our home but for capturing so many memories in the drawing.”

– Marlo Moody, Tallahassee, FL




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