Jadis In a part of Paris affectionately called the “Parisian’s Paris”, there is a charming little bistro tucked away from the typical tourist haunts. Restaurant Jadis captures the very essence of Parisian culture, and is needless to say a favorite of the locals.

The simple elegance of the place with its wrought iron detailing, crisp black and red accents, and of course French bistro tables and chairs evokes sophisticated style without trying too hard.

Although the name itself is a nod to the traditional (jadis translated means “in days gone by”) this restaurant does classic French cuisine with an innovative, modern twist.

Another element I love–the walls are lined with framed vintage prints.

This week’s Print of the Week, Restaurant Jadis, is a pen and ink print made from my original drawing and is available as a 5×7 or an 8×10.

If you have your own poem or quote that you would like to have made into a print, I can always create a custom piece just for you. Be sure to check back next week for the new Print of the Week!

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