Print of the Week: Versailles


This week’s featured Print of the Week is The Palace of Versailles, located just outside of Paris. Originally constructed as a hunting chateaux for King Louis XIII, his son, Louis XIV expanded and renovated the structure into the grand palace we see today.

My drawing shows the façade of the palace facing the garden. One of the architects, Louis La Vau, enveloped this section with stone to cover the old structure, giving birth to the nickname “Le Vau Envelope”.

Versailles is complete with ornate Baroque detailing typical of the 17th century. The palace includes several buildings and the very formal French gardens. It’s perhaps most famous for the Hall of Mirrors. The palace and the city of Versailles itself are truly breathtaking; if you’re ever in Paris it’s well worth a visit!

The Palace of Versailles print is made from my original pen and ink drawing, and is printed on acid-free, high quality art paper with a matte finish. This fine art print can be purchased in the following sizes: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 13×19.

If you would like to commission art featuring your own subject matter, please contact me and I can create a custom piece just for you.

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2 Comments on “Print of the Week: Versailles

  1. You talked and drew about Versailles… I draw Maria Antoinette 😛

    Btw, love your details and lines! ^^ good job!


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